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We are a family owned and operated in-home appliance repair company. We have provided quality service to the Charlotte area since 1952. Over the many years in business, we have given our customers same day service at a fair and competitive price.

For nearly 7 decades, Plaza Appliance Service Company has been making sure that your household continues to operate as smoothly as possible. We service a wide variety of manufacturers with haste and professionalism.

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Plaza Appliance Service Company (Charlotte, NC)

We are a family owned in-home appliance repair company. We have provided quality service to the Charlotte area since 1952. For over 65 years we have given our customers same day service at a fair and competitive price.

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Vacuuming Refrigerator Coils Helps Extend Life of Unit

Refrigerators are considered a major appliance and often demand a sizeable investment. That means that regular upkeep will protect that investment by adding longevity to your refrigerator and reducing the need for refrigerator repairs Charlotte. Part of regular upkeep involves vacuuming the unit’s c ...

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Subtle Signs That Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged

A clogged dryer vent is nothing to ignore or even put on hold. It is something that could lead to a major problem and potentially cause a fire. While there are more common signs of a dryer vent clog, there are also subtler things to look for. Paying attention and acting fast could save you the hassl ...

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Why the First Dishwasher Fill Should Use Hot Water

Owning a dishwasher makes post-meal cleanup a much easier process. Clearing dishes, dropping them inside the dishwasher and flipping a switch makes everything sweet and simple. But there is one important step that should not be overlooked.It is important to always run the hot water in your kitchen s ...

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That Mildew Smell In Your Washer

Using a washing machine is part of the daily routine in many households. However, there are occasions when washing machines will start to give off an odor. Many times, that odor comes from mildew inside the washing machine. It does not take much of it to make a big stink so we want to help you under ...

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When to Check the Dryer Vent Outside of Your Home

Drying your clothes should not be an all-day process when you are using a dryer. If you find yourself waiting more than an hour for your clothes to dry, then it’s time to do some investigating. There could be an issue that is inexpensive to solve and dangerous to neglect.The first move is to check i ...

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How to Keep Front Load Washers Odor Free

The process of washing clothes in a front load washer is intended to leave us with fresh, clean clothes that smell wonderful. However, that is not always the case. There is a simple explanation for this reality as well as some simple ways to avoid such odors.Many people pay high prices for quality ...

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How to get the ice dispenser on your refrigerator to start working again

An ice dispenser on your refrigerator adds a little more convenience to our lives. This device is often taken for granted, that is until we have to do without it. In the event that your ice maker breaks, there are some things you may want try to get it back to normal without having to call a applian ...

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Rinse Your Dishes Because Most Dishwashers Do Not Have Cutting Blades

Most people have their own method for washing dishes. Some people provide a quick rinse, while others spray their dishes down thoroughly before putting them into the dishwasher. There are also people who do nothing and simply place dishes into the appliances without giving them a simple once-over. K ...

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Locating and Changing a Microwave Light Bulb

Running a microwave oven is a common part of most daily routines. In many homes, the microwave gets an ample amount of use every day. That causes wear and tear which eventually creates the need for some simple appliance fixes. One of the most common issues that will eventually impact a microwave aff ...

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Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Odors with Ice Cubes

Garbage disposals are a place people dispose of bits of organic kitchen waste, so it is only natural for unpleasant odors to emanate from them at some point in time. This is an even more common occurrence during warm months since bacteria can easily flourish. When odors develops, rest assured that t ...

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