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Fencing & Gates for Commercial Properties

We are the leader in industrial and commercial fencing services in the greater Charlotte metro area! In addition to quality material and profession fence service, Hartsell Brothers Fence Company also provides gates and automated access systems.
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Benefits of Professional Fence Services

Commercial and industrial properties can greatly benefit from quality fencing for privacy, security and safety. From keeping goods and products secure, protecting sensitive information and privacy to keeping people and animals from entering potential dangerous areas, there are many great benefits to fencing. Large corporations and universities alike come to us for extra security to protect against exterior threats with security fencing and access gates. Our gates and automated openers are also popular for residential complexes and recreational areas. Contact us to discuss a fence and gate that is best for your needs and Carolina property.



Hartsell Brothers Fence Company (Charlotte, NC)

Are you developing a commercial or industrial site? Hartsell Brothers Fence Company is a trusted fencing contractor in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. Since 1963, our team has been partnering with builders, architects, engineers, and other professionals. We install secure and attractive fences. We offer fence building services and quality materials that you can trust.

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Gate Access Controls Have Revolutionized Security for Commercial Properties

There has been a great deal of innovation when it comes to the access controls for commercial gates. Technology has been able to enhance both security and convenience. Here is a detailed look into gate access controls and how they can upgrade the infrastructure of your property. Accessing the gate c ...

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Fence Your Apartment Complex | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

Apartments are always a popular housing option, but to compete for quality renters or sell your business at a profit, your complex must first be worth its rental prices. Fences add both ornamental and practical value to an apartment complex and may even become a selling point in your listings. Thes ...

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3 Sources of Fence Damage | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

Fences are meant to protect whatever they surround, whether it is a business, school or your own home and yard. A fence also creates a feeling of safety and formality. However, if the fence sustains enough damage, it fails in its mission to protect, voiding the entire structure. How can you help p ...

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Understanding Different Types of Commercial Gates

Not all commercial gates are created the same. There are different choices available for both commercial and industrial applications. Here is a closer look at some of the more popular choices that could be used to front your business. Cantilever Gates This is a very popular choice as it is a m ...

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Controlling Customer Access

By Hartsell Brothers Fence CompanyFor many businesses, customers are always welcome, but only in a few controlled areas. In outdoor areas, this means restricting access with fencing. There are a number of reasons why a business would need to guide the flow of customers through its property. While s ...

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Wood Fencing For Commercial Applications

There are lots of manufactured products to choose from when it comes to commercial fencing. But sometimes, there is nothing better than a classic wooden fence. Wood has the versatility to accommodate several commercial applications. It is not a common choice of most industrial properties, although t ...

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Ornamental Fencing Provides a Wealth of Options

Ornamental fencing has the sound of something that is done solely for aesthetic purposes. The truth is there are a lot of security advantages to using ornamental fencing on a commercial property. It combines an aesthetic and protective nature and here’s a look at how an ornamental fence can benefit ...

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Reasons to Add a Dumpster Enclosure

Some commercial and industrial properties need to have a dumpster on their premises. This is often an essentiality and something not really considered until there is an issue. But it is a good idea to add a dumpster enclosure as it will help out in an array of ways. A dumpster enclosure cordons off ...

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PVC and Vinyl the Latest Trends in Commercial Privacy Fencing

There is a specific function for privacy fencing and over the years, trends have come and gone. Lately, there has been a pair of popular privacy options when it comes to fencing. Vinyl and PVC both have their advantages. In this article, we will provide more on why each one is becoming a fence prefe ...

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Aluminum Fencing | Charlotte, NC | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

A fence is an essential part of both industrial and commercial properties. Fences provide the functional benefits of security and privacy, and enhance the look of your building. Aluminum is one of the most common types of materials used to construct fences in Charlotte, largely because of the dist ...

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